Ariel Pink, "Heaven Knows What", bonus track from album Pom Pom, 2014. Verbally directed/ improvised (multi-layered solo violin)

Swahili Blonde, "Elixor Fixor", from album Man Meat, 2010. Improvised

Black Knights, "Drawbridge" from album Medieval Chambers, 2014. Verbally directed/transcribed

Brian Watson, "101 Ways To Disappear" for various soundtrack, 2013. Sight read (sheet music)

John Frusciante, "Uprane" from album PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, 2013. Verbally directed/transcribed 

Bobbie Blunders, "What Good Is It" from album Best Neighborhood Band, out Spring 2014. Verbally directed

Amanda Jo Williams, "Wild Moonless Day", "Goddamn Muse", "Slowly" from album You're The Father Of My Songs, 2013. Improvised

Dante Vs. Zombies, "Horror Stories For Whores" from album, BUH, 2012. Composed 

Alex Belmonte, "Stunned" from Nora short film score, 2012. Verbally directed and improvised

Brian Watson, "Growth Spurts" for various soundtrack, 2012. Sight read and improvised