Also very experienced with playing electric bass, guitar, percussion, basic keyboards, and performing both harmony and lead vocals. 


Recent Live/Recorded Performances: Death Valley Girls- live performances at Los Globos and The Bootleg Theater (Nov. 2014) and recorded for 7" single "Death Valley Boogie" and "Seis Seis Seis" (Dec. 2014); Night Terrors of 1927- live performances at Austin City Limits Festival and Stubb's Austin, (Oct. 2014)

Touring and Recording member of: The Like- (also performing backing vocals) Reading and Leeds Festival (UK), Singfest (Singapore), Pentaport Rock Festival (South Korea), direct support for The Strokes (2 dates, Australia), etc. (constant touring from 2009-2011 professional hiatus, band still intermittently active (Japan, 2013); Swahili Blonde- (2009-2013 intermittently}, also performing violin and percussion) Dante Vs. Zombies (recorded, album BUH), The Starlite Desperation (2007-2009, also performing backing vocals), Devon Williams (2006-2008, also performing violin), Residual Echoes (2006-2007, also performing backing vocals) 

Other notable experience includes: Kimono Kult composed/performed bass for "La Cancion De Alejandra", Hiding In The Light (2014), Fab Dupont live tracking demonstration at Vintage King LA in-house event (2013), Skyline Electric (see below), The Black Apples live performances locally and touring (2012, also performing backing vocals)


Touring and recording member of Dante Vs. Zombies (2009-2013, also performed violin, backing vocals, and keyboards), Swahili Blonde (see above)

Other notable experience includes live, local performances with: Skyline Electric (2013, also performing bass and violin), Crooked Cowboy and The Freshwater Indians (2012), Now Forever (2008)


Notable experience includes: Raw Geronimo recorded 7" version of "Magnetic Love" (2012), Dante Vs. Zombies live (see above), Black Umbrella live (2006)


Notable experience includes: FEELS, Raw Geronimo (composed all guitar parts, see Composition tab), annual tribute show to Ari Up of The Slits, (also performing bass, backing vocals, lead vocals, 2010-present),  Douglas Armour live (2008), The Like acoustic (also performing violin and backing vocals, 2009-2011)


Notable experience includes: FEELS and Raw Geronimo (see Composition tab). Cosmonauts, "Short Wave", Oh, You Know (2014). Amanda Jo Williams (composed and performed all harmonies through duration of album) You're The Father Of My Songs (2013), Rough Trade Records live tribute show, Eagle Rock Music Fest (2012). Jason Grier, recorded, "The Best I Can" Heart Shaped Rock (2011)