COREY HANSON- The Unborn Capitalist From Limbo, 2016 (solo violinist in trio) 

ALLAH LAS- Calico Review, 2016

POMAR- Music For A Well Tempered Walk, 2016

NO PARENTS- Hey Grandma and The Greatest Hits, 2016

DREAM BOYS- Happy To Forget, 2016

FUZZ- II, 2015

SWAHILI BLONDE-  Deities in Decline, 2015

ARIEL PINK- Pom Pom, ("Heaven Knows What" Japanese release) 2014 

JHENÉ AIKO- Souled Out, ("To Love and Die" single) 2014

BLACK KNIGHTS (produced by John Frusciante) Medieval Chamber, 2014  

KIMONO KULTHiding In The Light, 2014 

TASHAKI MIYAKI- Cool Runnings, (1st violin of string quartet) 2014 

AMANDA JO WILLIAMS- You're The Father Of My Songs, 2013 

JASON GRIER-  Unbekannte, 2013

ERNEST GIBSON- "Island Records", 2013 

VICE COOLER-  "Come On", Lost In A Dream, released 2013

JOHN FRUSCIANTE-  "Uprane" PBX Funicular Intaglio Zone, released 2012 


BRASS TAX-  Brass Tax album, 2012

MICHAEL PISARO-  Tombstones, 2012

ALEX BELMONTE-  soundtrack for Nora, short film by Michael Peer, 2012

DELTOM-  Infinity, 2012

BRIAN WATSON-  soundtracks for various purposes, 2012

VUM-  Night Sun, 2011  

SWAHILI BLONDE- Psycho Tropical Ballet Pink, 2011 and Man Meat, 2010

THE LIKE-  "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow", B-side to He's Not A Boy 7" single, 2010

NEVEREVER-  Angelic Swells, 2010

POCAHAUNTED- Rough Magic and Hunted Gathering, 2007

PAT BOONE-  In A Symphonic Mood, 2006 (performing as member of Los Angeles Junior Philharmonic, 2nd violin)


*** I am at times credited as Laena Myers-Ionita, Laena Myers, Laena Meyers, Laena Ionita, Laena, and various other combinations of these.